I'm looking at setting up wireless in my apartment to better take advantage of my system.

The main question is whether or not there a serious degradation issue in having wireless N and G devices on the same network. I understand there is some additional overhead because the router has to switch between protocols, but if most of what I am doing is browsing, am I really going to notice?

The two things that are motivating me are wanting to share my internet connection between two computers and taking better advantage of the music I have on my [not quite] htpc.

I found out that there is a browser plug in for Media Monkey that will give me basic control via a browser. I find that, for whatever reason, I don't tend to turn on my rptv just to use media monkey. I'm thinking that a used/refurb netbook will add flexibility and encourage me to listen to music more often. Unfortunately, most netbooks have wireless G devices built in.

I also have the Wii and PS3 which are also G.

At some point I also want to add a pair of speakers for my bedroom via zone 2 and since I can control my 2808 via RS232 I might also be able to build a browser front end for that as well.

So, the plan would be wireless N to both PCs, G for the netbook, Wii and PS3 (when connected).

What do you network smart guys think?

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