I was at a local audio shop (The Audio Shop in Ottawa) today, I purchased most of my current gear there many years ago so I decided to drop in and see what was going on. The sales guy was still there.. and still just as much the salesman.. funny, I did not really like him 10 years ago, and I still don't.. anyways, I was chating and I remember seeing some Axiom speakers (M22 I think ) in his shop, and he said that yes they use to carry Axiom before they went Internet only.. then he says, when the first M3 Ti speaker series was in his shop, they weighted 46 pounds, then as time progressed, the weighed less and less, the last version before they went Internet only was only 21 pounds. So, he says, Axiom made their name selling the good stuff in stores, then started to cut corners and "cheapen" the product to make more money once their name was made and eventually went Internet only to make more money.. but still make the "cheaper" version of the product.. basically, come out with a killer product, well made with top parts.. get all the reviews and accolades and sell it well in local shops, then continue making the same products by using cheaper parts..

Now.. I take what this guys says with a HUGE grain of Rock salt.. just wondering if you guys ever heard of this before..

I'm SUPER happy with my QS8s and satisfied with my EP-500. I just thought that was interesting..

Also, he tried to sell me a pair of B&W 804s speakers..they were on " sale " ($4K vs the usual price of $5K ) because there is a new model replacing it coming out.. I listenned, I was not impressed. The mids were strained and vocals seemed to be very narrow / stuffed ? the opposite of open and airy..Did not like them one bit.. My cousin's M80s sound better by a long shot over those 804s. Now, I also listened to the bigger 803D and they sounded pretty darn good..MUCH better than the 804s..but the 803D list for $10K !! completely out of my budget
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