hi all..

So, I'm bummed. We've moved to a new place and I am rapidly realizing that my previous system can't really fit in my new living room arrangement. My mains are fine--front 3 and sub are all fine--it's just my surrounds that are a mess. I ordered custom FMS stands, but the base is too big and, well, they just don't fit at all.

My sofa is in a corner, which is bad enough, with the left hand wall about 2-4" away from the sofa. I have about 4-6" space between sofa and the wall, and on my right side...well..it's the freakin' fireplace. That doesn't work. I was going to put my M2's behind the sofa, but it just looks ridiculous. I can put the right surround speaker on the other side of the room (about 12-15' away) but I am stuck in this darn corner for my left surround.

I'm renting and wife doesn't want wires crawling up the walls to the curved ceiling, so the QS4's are not going to work.

I am looking at Orb speakers for surrounds but I was curious if you guys had any ideas for smallish surround speakers that can balance out my M60s and VT100 center speaker.

Any ideas would be awesome. ugh, I am so bummed. At least I can use my M2's upstairs...somehow...

(heavy sigh)

mike romo
2 M60v2s,VT100v2,2 M2v2s,SVS NSD-PB10, Denon2808CI, Sony BDP-S350, Samsung HP-S4253