I have an idea for the forum members attending the celebration in September. My cousin happens to run a small stiching/screen printing business and it gave me the idea of having t-shirts made for us to wear on Saturday, the day of the Axiom event. This project has already been approved by Ian.

Basically, the design would be something small on the chest of the shirt, identifying us as forum members with our user names underneath. It would be stitched on the shirt since it's the least expensive method. I'm not sure how embroidery would look on a t-shirt, but I could possibly get polo shirts instead, depending on the cost. When I submit the design to my cousin, along with quantity and what type of shirts we want, I can get a final price from her. However, I'm not asking everyone to pay for the shirts, but help would be appreciated since I won't be able to afford paying for the entire project alone. What's important to me is that everyone wear them to the event...or it defeats the purpose of having them made.

If it sounds like something you all might be interested in, does anyone have suggestions on designs? Ian gave the approval to use the Axiom logo. Is anyone good with Photoshop?

One more thing...I've not seen my cousins work before. I trust she will do a good job, but she's new at the business as well. If we decide to do this, I will have her make one shirt with the final design, and I'll have her take a picture of it for everyone's approval.


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