Yet another possible obsession... I was on a trip to Big Sur this past weekend and played around my new iPhone 4 (liking it so far and cell coverage is better than my 3G). Before I left on the trip, I bought the Hipstamatic camera app on a whim. Using some of the filters, a few of my photos came out pretty cool w/ almost no effort, aside from taking lots of pics and choosing the angle/subjects carefully. As a result, the bug has bit me a little.

I'm going on a trip to Machu Picchu in a few weeks. I'm considering getting a better camera than my Canon SD770 and I'm looking at the Olympus PEN EPL1. I definitely don't want to commit to an SLR (I won't use all the features and too heavy) but I want a step up. We'll be camping on the trail for 5 days so weight and batteries is a concern. I already stocked up on 4 batteries (thanks ebay) for my Canon and I probably can do the same for the Olympus.

Anyone had experience w/ these new micro 4/3's? I like the Sony NEX5 but it's way more $$ than I want to spend. Around $500 is probably what I can stomach.

BTW, here's a few of my favs from iPhone and Hipstamatic. Definitely $2 well spent.