Bamboo isn't quite as green as they would like us to believe.... Third world countries are clear cutting natural growth to grow it,or just cultivating so much bamboo, it kills the natural growth based on demand and depeleting the soils with repeated harvests.

Not a call either way ... just some facts I came by from our in house "wood guru" . This guy travels all over the world, and locally selecting veneers and sources.

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Ascend Acoustics is using Bamboo which is a break from traditional MDF. It is more expensive than MDF. Here is what they have to say about it.

Exclusive V-LAM™ Cabinet Construction

In order to greatly reduce cabinet resonance and energy loss common with MDF enclosures, the Sierra-1 cabinet is made from vertically oriented laminated bamboo. There are over 200 individual sheets of ¼" thick bamboo, each laminated to another and arranged such that each panel is vertical forming a baffle that is 3/4" thick. This cabinet has extremely low resonance... Warning, perform knuckle-rap test at your own risk!

The inside walls are lined with top-grade damping material and each joint is well braced. We custom tooled a high-flow flared port tube which is flush mounted into the rear of the cabinet. All drivers are flush mounted to reduce baffle reflections and the front baffle vertical edges have a beautiful radius which aids in the reduction of diffraction.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly renewable resource. Ecologically, the harvesting of bamboo does not affect the world's dwindling timber resources. Technically considered a grass, bamboo has the ability to grow to maturity in only 3-6 years. The intricate root system remains unharmed upon harvesting and allows for sustainable future growth.

Bamboo is incredibly strong and considered one of the most durable hardwoods. It has a tensile strength that is stronger than steel and the vertical orientation of the panels we use take full advantage of this.

The bamboo we use is completely moisture resistant. MDF will swell when exposed to moisture and this is often the cause for the cracking and peeling of the various finishes applied to MDF loudspeakers over a period of time.

All joints are well braced.

All drivers are flush mounted to reduce reflections.

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