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I don't agree or disagree with their decision to not include spikes (although, as I stated before, "I" think they should include them). The problem I have with it is up to V3 they did include spikes and folks were expecting them. At least it should be very clear on the product page. I know it says rubber feet now instead of both, but IMO, it is not clear enough.

There are some very unhappy folks over at bluray.com now. Plus it seems there are some customer service issues.

I sure hope Axiom is not in trouble.

In the last year Axiom has done a lot of things that haven’t made them look to good. I was hoping that having things vetted through the customer council would catch more of these. IMO changes to the web site not getting made and changes that are made not being clear comprise many of them. Someone needs to check these things better. A good CS reputation can go down hill quickly if enough unfavorable experiences get reported and repeated enough. It certainly won’t kill them but it can’t help. Also, IMO CS starts before the purchase.

I’ll have to check out what they are saying at Blu-ray.com
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