As I sometimes treat myself to our local orchestra in a small theater that self admits to totally destroying the acoustics when a previous board saw fit to totally retrofit one side wall to gain more paid seating, (Holy run on sentence...) I can attest to John's statement.

I'm relatively new to the classical music scene. Well kind of. I always enjoyed what my mother would play but it always sounded so flat on any gear my family or I owned that my interest never really developed. Then I bought Axioms and began to experiment more and more as I can now hear it for what it should have been.

In any case, now I have attended a few symphonies in much better venues in other provinces and I can tell you that I am now disappointed when I go back to my local theater. They have a wonderful orchestra and many of the senior musicians share roles in orchestras in these other areas as well. However, hearing them in Charlottetown is always a bit of letdown. While it sounds vibrant elsewhere, my hometown experience is always somewhat flat and brings me back to the days when I knew I liked the music but the instruments sounded all muddied together.

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