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Really though. After reading everything I could get my eyes on about Revel, and just wondering what body parts I could sell to afford set from any of their ranges. I started seeing mentions of Axiom. It impressed me how many of their design philosophies were the same, except where Revel spared no expense to deliver a design well into the realm of diminishing returns, it seems that Axiom took the more pragmatic approach.

We see what I ended up buying. And I still have all my organs.

Revel is just one of the many brands made by Harman International. It just happens to be their "high-end", no cutting of corners option. Harman employs the same methodology and research philosophies as Axiom (based on the works of Toole et al) but on a much larger budget and scale. They also conduct extensive controlled double blind testings of their products set up by Dr. Olive.

The Infinity and JBL brands are more in line with Axiom. Infinity more so.

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