Just had an awesome weekend so I figured while I'm sharing, why not start a thread where we can all record your best day of summer 2010.

Saturday I headed down to the town where I grew up to spend the day out on a boat with my youngest brother and some old friends. By boat I mean our Buddie's lobster fishing boat, although it becomes his portable weekend cottage in the off seasons so it's decked out with every convenience you can think of. We sailed over to an Island where used go camping on the beaches and waded with mask and snorkel to gather giant bar clams to add to our barbecue supplies. We spent the day basking in the sun when it came out, listening to music and drinking enough beer to forget that it was cloudy (but not cold at all) for the rest of the day. The water was super warm for swimming but we kept to our tradition of having to take a big swig of Dr. McGillicuddy's Fireball Whiskey every time you came out of the water to warm up.

There are way too many funny moments to even start to get into because it was one of those days when the whole day was just one big laugh. Ridiculous stuff just seemed to happen that you could never replicate again no matter how long you tried. There is just no better way to spend the day.

We ended the day by sailing up a river to one of our friends cottage. More drinks, more laughs, perhaps even a couple of hours of sleep. We spend most of the next day just sitting on her deck in the sun laughing at the pictures from the day before. Mimosa's for breakfast, left over barbecue and the remaining bar clams for lunch and then off to to my parents place where my other brother and his kids are there for barbecue number three. Had a great time there too. Played a bunch of games of washers and had a great visit with the family before heading home.

Definitely the best day/weekend of the summer.

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