If you plan on running a subwoofer all the time with your system I would seriously consider buying 3 M2 speakers for L/C/R. I recently got a pair to audition as wide speakers and found that when crossed over with my subwoofer both the M2s and M22s sounded the same. I could not tell them apart in an A/B comparison even though I knew which one I was hearing.

Another option would be to get an M2 as a center and get M22s for the mains.

If you must have a horizontal center then get the VP100. I don’t think the VP150 will make any difference in that size room and when you do move to a bigger room that really needs a larger center then it will also likely need larger L/R mains, meaning tower mains with a V180 center to match. Also I’ve used a M22 as a center with my M80s and preferred it to the VP150 because IMO it sounded more similar.

At least a M22 or M2 center can be pressed into another roll when you upgrade whereas a VP100 or VP150 would only really be good as a single rear speaker in a 6.1 configuration which I have tried and found didn’t work very well. With M22s and/or M2s as mains/center when you upgrade you could just buy one matching speaker and move them to the wide and rear positions or.

To recap my choice in order based on what you’ve said so far would be:

1. 3xM2s + 2xQS8s
2. 2xM22s + 1xM2 + 2xQS8s
3. 3xM22x + 2xQS8s
4. 2xM2s + 1xVP100 + 2xQS8s.
5. 2xM22s + 1xVP100 + 2xQS8s.


3M80 2M22 6QS8 2M2 1EP500 Sony BDP-S590 Panny-7000 Onkyo-3007 Carada-134 Xbox Buttkicker AS-EQ1