This has really gotten me interested in using an M22 as a center channel. Would it work just as well if I mounted it vertically above the TV? The only question I have is the distance of the LCR speakers. The L and R will be close to a feet from the wall while I plan on mounting the center above the TV. I really want to mount all three M22s but I do not want wall-mounted speakers, per se. Is that possible?

Thanks for changing my mind regarding the speaker stands. Getting a cheap one or building one myself for the time being will free up some of the budget to go with the QS8s and, if not the M22 for a center, maybe the VP150. I am going to look on youtube now to see if I can find videos on making speaker stands.

Speakers: Energy RC-70s, RC-LCR, RC-Rs and eD A2-300 x 2.
Receiver: Marantz 6006