Thanks so far for all the quality advice. Seeing you mount that beast of an M80 on the wall lets me know what I can do with smaller axiom speakers. Do the speakers come with brackets already to install on the wall?

I am a bit concerned with the layout of my room. I currently am watching movies on a bed and mattress of about 26" high. I usually sit up when I watch movies. I have a 46" TV sitting on a 16" TV stand and when I sit in bed I am usually eye level to the top of the TV. The thing that concerns me is I am running two Polk Monitor 60s and my ears are way above the top of the speakers. I know its not ideal but it is the best I can do to accommodate a home theater in my bedroom. Is the height effecting the sound much? Considering I have room to move my TV up to eye level, I would be able to fit an M3 vertically on the stand as my center channel, so all is not so bad. What are your thoughts?

I have also evaluated the benefits of both the M3 and M22 as center channels. I don't think I would be losing out on much going with M3 and it would also fit very nicely under my TV when the TV is mounted.

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