You won't have regrets if you go with M22's for mains. You're only saving ~$180 total (from Factory Outlet) in downgrading to the M2's. You can save that by not going out to eat for a month.

When you want to play loud you can, and if you go into a bigger room, you can. I've probably moved my setup 7-8 times and the M22's have never failed me in any situation. I really like the M22's because when placed on a desk, they are at the perfect listening height.

My philosophy on audio equipment is to buy the best that is reasonable now, and take care of it. Let me tell you, I was a freshman in college when I bought my Axiom setup. Every person on my floor called me crazy for that type of investment.

It broke the bank a little bit, but it's been 6 years, they still play loud, look great, and have served me well. It's an investment that will last, and in many years when you still have your setup, you won't be itching to get something else. I sure am not.

Good luck :-)

M22s|VP100|QS4s|HSU STF2