Hi guys I haven't been really lucky with Axiom. LOL Soon after receiving my last M22 got to know that there is a manufacture mistake on it. Don't know if any of you guys have ever taken a look inside it's rear port. From what I could see there is some kind of acrylic covering the tweeter if there is no mistake on my judgement and one of the M22 came missing this and with wires exposed while the other 2 don't. After getting in touch with Axiom an offer has been laid down. They would send me 3 tweeters and 6 woofers to make it up for the screw up. Have been a bit confused since I thought they would offer me one new tweeter so I could change the one with different color and also to have my M22 fixed. Guess that they can't fix it. Do you guys think that this cover stuff would make any difference regarding sound matter? I have been reading a little about speaker manufacturing processes and if I am right the nowadays models are made in a way that they separate every component on it's own cabinet because of sound matters. Should I ask Axiom to fix it the right way my M22 or just accept their offer? That's my dilemma now. Thanks for all the help to come! smile

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