I have a good friend that is remodelling his basement and wants to put in a HT.
His room size is not very large; 12 x 16 x 7 or 1350 cubic feet.
We discussed speaker options and I recommended going with the in-walls to save space, he also really likes the look.
I was thinking of having him go with the two M2 in wall and one VP100 in wall, two QS 8’s and an EP350.
1. The specs on the M2 and M22 are close, we want to put the sub behind the sofa, is sub placement going to be more critical for the M2 than the M22 since the M22 is a larger speaker.
2. Should he go with the two M2’s and a VP150 or three M2 across the front (or three M22’s)? We are also planning for a 60” plasma for the screen.
Thanks for your help.


Axiom M80, VP180, Qs8, EP500
Epson 3020
Rotel RB-880
Denon AVR-990