im hopping to put some concerns to rest. i bought an ep500 in May of this year, and all of a sudden about a month ago. after not pushing my ep500 too much im starting to get a loud "CLACK" sound when it goes deep. "sometimes it's CLACK CLACK CLACK" sometimes just one. depending on how deep the soundtracks bass goes.
axiom has been cool about it, and they are sending me a new woofer.
my questions are these: is the clacking sound what is called bottoming out(it sounds like two sticks hitting hard)? also is it a woofer issue or an amp issue? also shouldnt the DSP prevent this, making it an amp issue? DID I BUY THE WRONG SUBi wanted a good one that went deep and one that i would not have to worry about breaking)?
Im not running it "HOT" either. i have two subs. my second is the SCII. for calibration I set up the EP500 up front and SC close to me. one at a time calibrated them to 73dbs then ran Audyssey. I have an onkyo 707 and when i check the calibrated test tone levels, ALL speakers measure to about or around 70dbs uncluding the subs
note: i never go above 0 usually for movies -5, which is loud but i like that. the sub was doing great! till this happend, im confused.
tx in advance and sorry bout all the questions, i just don't want to be worrying about breaking my sub thats supposed to be unbreakable? any advice encouragment would be appreciated. I'll also keep this thread posted after i recieve the woofer for those that might be looking into this sub.

for reference about placement:

could the riser have caused it to overextend or something? or is that just silly

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