Just joined the forum at the suggestion of one of the Axiom employees, and thought I'd ask a few questions.

I'm looking at piecing together a home theatre system and I'm curious what you fine people might advise.

I currently have (and ideally would like to keep, but if you suggest I should replace a component, please let me know why/what to look for):

- Sony XBR1 40' LCD TV
- Klipsch x550d sub woofer
- Klipsch synergy S-2 surround sound speakers
- Xbox 360
- Boxee PC

I'm looking to get a nice set of good sounding, good looking (and low profile!) front speakers - including center channel. I've sound-tested the Paradigm Millenia 20's, which sound quite nice, but are a bit pricey.

In the Axiom line, I've seen the VP150 v3 (specifically the in-wall/on-wall hybrid), and they look rather nice (admittedly, I'm still swayed by the look of the Paradigm - but it's all about sound at the end anyhow!).

Anyhow, I'm curious about a few things:

- Knowing full well this is an axiom board and likely to be some bias; does anyone have any pros/cons versus Paradigms, specifically the M20 or their line in general? Bias welcome, but I'd appreciate full disclosure if it's based on tests or not. smile

- Can I use the VP150's as fronts *and* a center? Or will I be losing out on some range? Are there any other speakers I should use instead; hopefully still maintaining a slim profile with the wall?

- Can anyone recommend a good receiver to go with this setup? I've had my eye on the Denon 890; but I'm unsure as to whether it will do enough of what I want.

Oh, and as a final point, I'm not really interested in 7.1 - 5.1 should be more than enough (it's a small-to-medium sized room). A 7.1 capable receiver wouldn't hurt tho; I imagine I can use the power to be used somewhere else.

If anyone is in Vancouver and wouldn't mind a sound audition, I'd appreciate it; or if someone has a setup that's low profile using Axiom, I'd love some photos so I can sell my wife on the idea. smile

Cheers, and thanks for reading this dreadfully long post. wink