Hello Axiom Family!

*note before I get started - I have already received Ian's approval on this post for those that may question me*

I wanted to run something by all of you to see if it might be something you would be interested in for your home theater, bar, garage, home, etc. In the past many of us have been interested in signs/plaques or other wall items to dress up our home theater and/or homes, so I hope you will like this product.

I'd like to introduce you to Virtual Stone!

This little business idea is a venture between me and a good friend of mine, Matt. Right now it is something on the side to make a little extra cash, but we are hoping some day it might expand. It all started when I helped him with some other projects months ago, and he wanted to do something special for me as a thank you. We both love Audio/Video and home theater, so he decided to make be a special wall sign.

Below is the sign he built for me. I absolutely think it is "killer" and will look awesome once I complete my remodeling of the PorterPlex (sump pump failure).

The signs are all currently hand made by using a foam material, hot wire tool, templates, and painted with two different steps to produce a product that appears to be carved out of stone and very heavy.

The THX sign below is about 2ft wide and maybe 1-1.5 ft tall, and maybe 2-3+ inches thick all togethor. It really has a cool 3D affect, and the lighting in the room provides interesting shadows within the piece.

Although custom signs like Axiom Audio, family named HT signs, custom acoustic panels (my idea), etc., come to mind, the possibilies don't stop there. Below is a short list of some of the other items he has done:

Harley Davidson signs
Bar/Rec Room signs
Cullen Family Crests (lots of detail taking 15+hrs time)
Theater sign at a local cinema.
Decorative leaves for a living/family room.
...just to name a few

We are even trying to look into something that would hold up in exterior environments in case we receive such requests.

Anyway, I wanted to see what you all think and I will try to answer any questions you may have. We are thinking a piece similar to the THX one below would run in the neighborhood of $45-60. Pricing would depend on how many characters, complexity of how the letters flow togethor, font, etc. Pretty much any color would be available as well. Larger pieces than the dimensions above and pieces with a lot more complexity would cost more and take longer to complete.

I would imagine that people could sumbit to us a drawing or draft of what they are thinking to receive a quote. Eventually, if this thing takes off, I'm sure we can come up with standard pricing for basic items, and quotes for more detailed requests. Since there is only 2 of us we are estimating a 2-3 wk delivery time for now, but if business picks up that might increase to 4-6 wks or so, I am guessing. Our goal is to be able to afford a professional Foam Cutting cnc type machine which we've already been researching...

*One question for JohnK and other legal folk. I do have a concern about requests for THX, Dolby, Natural Lite smile , etc. type signs. Don't even think about Monster. smile I already have Ian's blessing from Axiom, but am a little concerned about legal issues. As Alan said Tomlinson Holman (THX creator) might like one of these above his head board...lol

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