"The last and only person to survive jumps from anywhere near the proposed altitude of the Stratos missions was retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger. In 1959 and 1960, he made a series of three jumps from different altitudes--76,400, 74,700, and 102,800 feet--that nearly killed him but set a standard for high-altitude sky diving that has lasted until today. Adventure caught up with the man who could be Kittinger’s successor in order to talk about risk, team work, and the complications of jumping from 120,000 feet."

I'd personally like to see Joe Kittinger's record stand. I got to know him in Orlando years ago whenever he ran the flight operations for Rosie O' Grady's Flying Circus and he is one of the coolest and most gracious gentlemen one could ever meet.

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