Now that I'm working on gutting out my family room, I'm giving some thought to converting half of it to a HT room. I wish I had the expertise of using Google CAD for room drawings, but the one and only time I tried, I couldn't get past trying to do the basic stuff.

Anyway. I need to go home and do some measurements. The one thing that might kill this project is the ceiling height. It's somewhere in the 6 1/2 to 7 foot area. The width would be 1/2 the width of the house, which would make it about 12 foot, the length would be probably about 20 foot, with a bath to the back. One window near the back, a door near the front that leads to outside. I plan on replacing this door soon, it's old and weather worn and has a window in it.

I'm still going to tile the floor because of possible future water leaks under the door, but I could use area rugs to dampen the sound. Below the tile is concrete.

Not sure where to mount a projector. The ceiling would be the floor from a bedroom and bath from above. Might be ok, but a low mount might be better.

The other room, outside the HT would be the entrance from the garage on one side and the other side is stairs leading down to the basement and up to the kitchen. In the middle of the outer wall is a old fireplace that could use a face lift.