I couldnt help but notice this past month, that in the worst of times financially for me (and obviously the country) that the bargains in HT seem to be changing or dissapearing. I was shocked to find out the M60s crossed the 1k barrier today, and the Paradigm Monitor 7's which were around 700 when my friend purchased them not too long ago have jumped to 950. On top of that the amazing Oppo BDP-83 is mysteriously discontinued out of the blue along with the bdp-80. The legendary SVS-pb10 has also been discontinued out of the blue. These are a few examples Im citing, but there's more out there. I have this strange, bad feeling about the world of audio, anyone else? What do you think the future holds for making quality systems acessible to the average person?
M60, VP150, QS8, HSU VTF2-MK 3, Marantz SR8002, Oppo BDP-83SE, 50" Panasonic Plasma