I wanted to pass this along to everyone on the forums here in hopes that some of you can pocket some coin(possibly a lot) by checking your home insurance policy....

Recently my policy was due for renewal and my insurance co sent me a bill for $1008 (taxes included) on my 1992 built home. This premium has been inching up over the years to the point I considered it to be getting unreasonable so I contacted my insurance agent and asked them about it, telling them I thought it was higher than what I thought it should be(I got an online quote from another source to confirm it). In discussing the matter with my agent I discovered that there are a number of things which can substancially reduce your premium....

1. I went from a $500 to a $1000 deductible

2. I'm a non smoker

3. I had a new roof installed two yrs ago

4. Installed a new furnace recently

5. Have paid off mortgage

6. Upgraded all faucets

.....all of this added up to close to a $300 reduction on my premium($725 inc tax). Check your policy and ask your agent for a better deal if you've made some improvements to your home, if you're a non smoker, paid off your mortgage or reduce your deductible to lower your rate. Good luck!
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