So, my 1042 furnace humidifier is working perfectly fine. The service technician and representative at GeneralAire told me exactly what I thought was happening-my HRV and humidifier are competing against each other.

Because my house is so energy efficient (tight), my HRV is drying the house out faster than my humidifier can humidify my house. Even with my HRV on its lowest setting, running 20 minutes, then off for 20 minutes, my house is still very dry because my furnace isn't running very often, ergo the humidifier isn't because it only runs when there's a call for heat.

So, the service technician suggested getting a room humidifier, but GeneralAire said that it most likely won't make that much of a difference (also needs to be refilled regularity which doesn't work well for me).

GeneralAire said that a steam humidifier seems like my only option because they will humidify the house when there's not a call for heat, but these units cost around $2000.

I know Shawn is the resident expert, but I didn't know if you guys had some contacts that would give you trustworthy info.

Thanks, I appreciate any help.

Edit-I just found out (precisely why I always do my own research) that the Desert Springs rotary humidifier works when there isn't a call for heat. I've read some very positive reviews about it, but am unfamiliar with the brand. It's also within my price range.

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