I'm putting my home theater back together today and was able to place my M60 up on my entertainment unit's bridge that spans between the two piers on other side of the TV. My VP180 will be in tomorrow so I thought I'd test it with the M60 to give me an idea of how it'll look.

It held and seemed to bear the weight but I swear it sagged a touch. And damn me if it didn't look absolutely huge. I guess I knew it was going to look huge but it looks absolutely monstrous once I got it up there. And the VP180 is actually a couple of inches longer and 10 lbs heavier. Yikes!

I'm actually scared for my new TV quivering below it. I'm going to give the VP180 a try tomorrow but I'm not holding out hope that it's going to find a permanent home here. It's just too friggin' huge and heavy.

I just hope it doesn't sound significantly better than my VP150 so that I don't have remorse if I have to send it back smile