I've just run Audyssey XT32 for the first time in my new Denon 4311 receiver. I've never run Audyssey before so this was a new experience. I haven't had much time to listen so I can't offer a review but I do have some questions regarding the crossovers and speaker settings Audyssey and my receiver chose.

My M60s were set to large (which implies a measured -3db point below 40 Hz). My M2 heights were set to small at 80 Hz crossover. My VP150 center was set to small at 110 Hz. My QS8 surrounds were set to small at 120 Hz.

Do these sound right? What have others experienced when running Audyssey?

I ended up setting my M60s to small and bumped the crossover to 60 Hz - although I might play around with setting them at 40 Hz.

I was a bit surprised by the QS8 surrounds. Does 120 Hz sound right? My concern is whether my EP500 can fill in the full range below 120 Hz. Will the EP500 fill in the upper end of the bass below 120 Hz - say from 80 Hz to 120 Hz? This also applies to the VP150 which is set for 110 Hz.