I'm having problems with my cable service. My TV guide wasn't displaying randomly on one box for the last several months and some channels would display "off air" even though I had them.

They came out and pinned the problem down to the main line running to my house (from the box in the neighbor's yard). They buried a new line and I thought all was well... BUT now my internet is running sllllooooowwww.

As seen in the speed test below, my ping times more than doubled and I'm lucky to get 2mb/s down (I pay for 12-15mbs down). So much for my Call of Duty time smile.

Cox techincian is coming out tomorrow to check into the issue again.

Hopefully, they can get it all fixed soon. I already plan to dump cox for AT&T Uverse when we move if we find a house that is in their service area...