He's always looking for the same thing----something new. What makes the list? Anything he bought with knowledge of only one or two tracks and found that there were several that surprised him and made him come back for more. Like bacon.

Joan Armitrading, This Charming Life.
Ok, I'm not that into her. But my Lesbian friends would kill me if I left her 2010 release out.

Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
Dear Canada: Hey, they're you're poutine$, $upport them.

Jeff Beck, Emotion and Commotion
But, please Jeff, Over the F'rainbow?

Blitzen Trapper, Destroyer of the Void
Great folk rock. Great voices. Salad fresh and crispy.

Broken Bells, Broken Bells
Well, if James Mercer really thought the time to bail on The Shinns was when they finally got consistent, then, for now, this is as close as you're gonna get.

Elvis Costello, National Ransom
So many Elvi. A little bit of lots of 'em in here.

Crash Test Dummies, Oooh La La!
Speaking of bailing when your band finally has it all together. This is really a Brad Roberts solo project, and it's a little too Tom Waitts throughout for me.
The packaging is beautiful.

Crowded House, Intiguer
The sparkle's gone. Always a Finn fan. Hoped their third try to re-ignite it might work.

Deerhunter, Halcyon Days
See, the trick isn't to have some beautiful and interesting stuff here and there; it's to have no here and there.

Peter Frampton, Thank You Mr. Churchill
Saw him solo right after he left Humble Pie. This will remind you why Stevie Marriot recruited him at 17.

Doobie Brothers, World Gone Crazy
It still sounds as Doobie as Doobie got. Therein lie both the good and the bad.

Devo, Something for Everbody
The Devo you always really wanted.

Keane, Night Train
A bit too big and dancy for this Keane fan, but they ain't standin' still. The third artist this year with an song intro featuring a girl yelling in Japanese.

Maroon 5, Hands All Over
So odd that the legacy of all of Motown (and Michael J.) rests in the hands of a tall, skinny Jewish boy from Nevada, but, hey, if he's doin' it, then...

Steve Miller Band, Bingo!
Eh, not quite. I think you still don't have G-O.
Sounds like him, only lethargic enough to hand over some lead vocals. Some real Miller moments, but kinda thin choices of material.

My Chemical Romance, Danger Days
Still the most complete and interesting thing outta the Jersey Shore since Bruce. QueenPunk. Done up big---real big.

OK GO, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
A bit of a test for fans, but still great American poprock w/wit and a fresh take on how a band "sounds."

Ozzy, Scream
I'm still amazed. It's as good as anything from the No More Tears era, and as always, presented with the grandest of crunchitude. He doesn't have a complete thought in his head? Does he?

The Posies, Blood/Candy
I won't bore you with another rant. My fave of the year.

Hey! It's STP. Just like the old ones. Scott is always great writing with Mr. DeLeo. And he's a way more varied and tasty player than Slash.

The National, High Velvet
Lots of beautiful places. Not the most interesting rides between them. Maybe yes, maybe no?

Tired Pony, The Place We Ran From
How could the hearts of Snow Patrol and REM get together and be so dull? HTF did that happen?

Weezer, Hurley
Slow down, boys. Linkin Park will always have more money than you.

Widepsread Panic, Dirty Side Down
My other fave of the year. So many hot tracks!!
Dixie Dreggs, Little Feat. These dudes can play.

Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown
This may not be a track by track stunner like their previous effort, but it's more solid and thoughtful than revealed by a first listen. Besides, it's that f'voice, that f'voice. He can sing or moan anything and people will (should) buy it.

So let down they got let go:

2010 releases listened to thrice, then passed on:

Robert Plant
Tom Petty
The Drums
The Orb, feat. D. Gilmore
The Roots
Robert Randolph
Mumford and Sons

I'm sure I'm leaving some out, but, there's always 2011. Happy listening from Bandit Watson!
Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.