Couple of audio-related issues that have popped up.

First - I went to watch my "Swordfish" DVD last week and I'm getting promoted for a password; no matter how many attempts. This has never happened before and it's quite puzzling. Have other come across this and if so how did you solve it? Other DVD's work fine.

Second - I went to discharge the six CD's I had in my '06 CTS and after three of them ejected it jammed; getting a "Mechanical Error" Tried to secure a solution from the internet but that's not working. So, if anyone has recommendations they are much appreciated.

BTW my brother upgraded to the M22's recently and I'll be heading to PA in a few months for a major listening session.

M22V3/M3ti/M2V3/Omega Super 5/Aperion 5C/OutlawLFM1+Sub/Denon AVR1906/YamDVDC750/AS AMP110