I'm getting prodded to facilitate (pay for) transferring to digital format dozens of 8mm silent home movies shot by my parents and grandparents in probably the 50's and 60's. I'm all for doing this before everyone that cares dies of old age.
So, has anyone done this or had it done? My sister has researched a little and come up with 3 options. 1- put a bulb in the projector we can't find and use a camcorder we don't have to record the image projected on the screen which might be good if we still have it and can find it.
2- Buy this little box to take the place of the screen.
3- pay someone (presumably a professional) to do this.
Do any of the photographers on here do this? Any Idea what it costs? I really do want to do this but don't feel comfortable sending these film reels to some outfit like wallgreens, I want to know where my stuff is going.

Thanks for any advice...

Well, Alright Then.