OK, MS operating system gurus, I've got an odd one for you.

I've Google'd until I'm blue in the face, and have read all manner of seemingly related stuff that naturally turned out to be unrelated.

Here's the deal. I'm trying to do some number Krunchin' by scraping data from web sites. I was supplied two with html files which were downloaded from the same web page: one using IE8 on Win7, the other using IE8 on XP.

The XP derived file is about 30k. The Win7 file is about 50k, and is full of stuff that makes it practically impossible to get the data out for mere mortals.

Does anyone have any idea why they're different, and more importantly, how to get the usable XP format out of a Win 7 box, as that's key to keeping this analysis system running in the future.

I've spent hours on this over the last few days, and would really appreciate any pointers to concrete answers, or of course, answers themselves.

Switch browsers doesn't seem to help, BTW. Tried that. Several times.