Thanks for the replies.

Note: Keep in mind I am trying to "take the next step into calibrating". LOL

I have always calibrated levels, distances, crossovers and etc without any issues (basic stuff). What I am looking to do is use my SPL meter (connected to my laptop) to record some Hz sweeps. I'd like to see some graphing of my SPL so that I tune my Sub (PEQ) and crossover settings a little better.

Like right now if I run a sweep from the Disney WOW disc, the SPL meter jumps up or down 6db's in the lows and a little around the crossover point. Otherwise it isn't to bad. But I have no clue where exactly these dips/rises are occurring (at which frequency)to even begin tweaking. My PC13 Ultra has the PEQ adjustments so I can add or take away some db at certain frequencies.

Long story short, I'd like to have a "flatter" line throughout the frequency response. How do I go about this? I had planned on using REW or something similar.

Sorry for not making that clear. Thanks for any help.