Ok, so experimentation is the key to this project. The sub is a beast that has been designed as a SQL sub for car audio use. It has a fairly stiff suspension and recommended for a sealed enclosure with a volume of 3cf^3. According to the owner of SI, it also works extremelly well in HT use in a ported enclosure of 3.5cf^3 tuned to 30Hz. The sub is rated at 1000w RMS and has an efficiantcy rating of 92.5 SPL.http://www.stereointegrity.com/images/SI_Driver_List.pdf The model is MagD2V2.

If I daisy chained the SI sub from the EP500, would the processing of DSP circuitry be passed to the SI sub? I plan on purchasing a Dayton SA1000 subwoofer amp.http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?PartNumber=300-811 This is the only amp I could find with a dedicated infrasonic filter and delivers 1000w rms.

What are your thoughts on potentially utelising the SI sub to handle LFE at 60Hz and below, while allowing the EP 500 to handle LFE in the upper range above 60Hz? I have the time right now to construct a solid enclosure for the sub, but the $400 would hurt if the additional sub failed to enhance LFE and curb some of the peaks going on. I appreciate all input very much.
ps sorry for missing a key word in my topic. It was very late when I posted