It seems like everyone wants to treat someone who's done something miserable like this person as if they've never been punished for what they did. I really doubt that his 28 years in prison was a bed of roses, or he got treated like a human being by anybody there. I also doubt that he hasn't had some sort of severe therapy treatment also. People can and do change and it would be up to whatever authorities that exist for him to insure that he can live outside of prison without re-offending. He probably should be re-located and not go back home to pappy.

I don't always agree with the laws, but they are the way they are for a reason. I'm prone to believe that re-offensive rates are much lower than most people want to believe. If they weren't, then the laws would be different. Otherwise, it would be like punishing or killing 98 people for the crimes of 2, if it was a 2% re-offense rate after prison.

Edit: Most crimes that have people that re-offend are probably the result of being in some sort of cycle. You can take that person out of the cycle and he's ok. Then release from prison and put that person right back into the environment that encourages the old cycle he was in and it won't be long before you have another crime on your hands.

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