Did anyone catch the premier of Secret Millionaire this week? Neither did (would--- ever) I.

I do, however, believe the premise is ripe for a twist.

The current premise:
Gather a group of multi's who are willing to part with a huge one. Identify people to receive the million bucks for the amazing things they do for others when they have nothing themselves.

Each episode, imbed a millionaire in the workplace of the recipient. They work alongside the "mark" for a week, pretending to be just another worker or volunteer.

At the very end of the hour, the millionaire says, "I'm really a millionaire and I was sent here to give you this check for (oops, Canada 'cheque')
a million dollars." Then the hidden camera crew reveal themsleves. Cue: screaming, crying, etc.

I was thinking it'd be way more interesting a human drama if the final line were something like:

"I'm a millionaire. I just screwed your 17 yr old daughter. Here's a check for a million dollars."


"I'm a millionaire. I had your dog euthenized this morning. Here's a check for a million dollars."

Would the pathos just be amplified to the max???
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