Let me tell you, I am completed impressed by the VP180's performance compared to the VP150. The 150 was no slouch but the VP180 is a beast.

I've only had a chance to watch 20 minutes of Iron Man II but here are my initials reactions.

After calibrating it in with the rest of my setup (M60s & QS8s) the front soundstage is seamless. The bass response feels rock solid. The scenes where the Grand Prix Cars were starting up felt visceral. And this was -3.0dB off of my usual listening volume.

I know it sounds crazy, but with the addition of the VP180 the individual speakers disappeared and I was left with a wall of sound supporting my movie.

I'll be breaking out the measurement software and mic this weekend to do a full calibration and integration, but I just wanted to take a minute to thank Axiom for knocking another one out of the park.

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