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Every version but the one fans want.

yet despite that belief, watch them make the most money on any blu-ray ever sold in a set in history for now and years to come.

the "fans" or rather the purist will speak differently once they are relased; i bet many of them will have a copy too, such as it is.

Did the Star Wars DVDs make more money than any other box set when they were released? I'm just not sure it has quite THAT much pull anymore. Maybe I'm mistaken. I'm sure I'll end up with the big box set of all six movies, despite my issues with George Lucas's brain. Will I get it on release day? Probably not. But the simple fact that I will be buying it doesn't mean I'm giving it the double thumbs-up. I can still hate it and hate myself for buying it. This is what George Lucas has reduced Star Wars fans to. Ha ha.