Folks with money and hobbies / interests like to demonstrate just how interested they are in buying what they believe is the best of the best. It doesn't really matter if it is the best, so long as it is the most expensive. Some speaker manufactures know this, and they capitalize on it. I heard a two channel system that I was told was in the neighborhood of 150K. It has a set of the ugliest speakers I've ever seen and a stack of McIntosh electronics. The speakers were made by Wilson and resembled that robot on the 70's show, Lost in Space. It sounded great, but I just couldn't stop thinking the owner was a dipshit for spending that kind of money because it sure didn't sound like 150K. He has, from what I've heard, swapped the Wilsons out for some B/W Nautilus. The ones that look like a flying ear drum. I hope to hear those soon, as anything that looks that ridiculous, and costs that much "surely" must sound amazing.

A friend of mine has a set of B/W 800's and is using Levinson gear that he's had for many years. (He's the own who introduced me to the guy with the Wilson's.) I have to admit that I REALLY like the way they sound. If I had the financial means, I'd have a set of those 800's.

I guess I go tone deaf as the price escalates beyond unreasonable to ludicrous.