Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit at 48 frames per second.

I'm not sure how the 3D aspect plays into this, but I'm happy to hear about an increased native frame rate. It's about time!

Some people are asking if this will be playable at home (theaters with digital projectors will possibly be able to show the double rate with a firmware upgrade). As usual the guesses from the crowd are way off base. There's no way to get 48 fps native from a 1080p24 Blu-ray player. But... If one were to take a 3D player, and use the right eye for the extra frame, it'd be possible to watch the full 48 fps on a 3D TV without glasses (it wouldn't be 3D, obviously).

This is the first time I've been excited about 3D technology, just to get the double frame rate for 2D content.
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