Hi All,

New to the boards here, but looking at the VP180 and the QS8s. I currently have a Paradigm Studio v2 7.1 system, with the exception of the center, which is the CC-570 v3. Having gotten the new Onkyo 5508 processor (feeding an Emotiva XPA-2 and Outlaw 7200), I am moving up to a 9.1 system, just for the hell of it. I've taken the Studio 20s that were doing surround back duties in 7.1 and turned them into wides, and I've decided on replacing them in the back with QS8s, which I will likely ceiling mount (I have about 8 feet behind our listening position to the back wall, but there are couple of doors there and an uneven wall).

While I have settled on the QS8s, I'm also pondering upgrading my center, and wondering how it would work to add the VP180 into this system. Given what I have read about the Axiom and Paradigm sound being close, and the fact that a new Paradigm center would be several versions newer than my v2s and have a different sound as well, thought I would ask the helpful folks here what they think. (In the end I realize an in-home trial would be the best solution, but curious what you all will have to say).