First, I've had homemade junk boxes using RS full range 8" drivers (you know, with the little cone in the middle acting as a tweeter!);
next came the Energy 22 Ref which i loved, but at some point they could not cope with movie sound or some cd's i own, like:
Roots!! African Drums (a 1984 Denon digital recording) or:
Orff - Carmina Burana - Robert Shaw - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus (Telarc).

about 1985-1990 i was looking at ways to get better low end and i found 2 articles in Audio magazine about home built subs.
those used JBL 15 in. pro drivers in big boxes tuned to 20Hz;
box sizes were 12 and 23 cu. ft.
one of the articles had as a title: "Certified Bass For The Certifiable"; my guess is that there are far more "certified" people today than in 1985-1990.
that turned out way too big for my living room size and i could not find anything else that would satisfy me so i made do with what i had, including a "Hafler Hookup" with an inline potentiometer to set volume on the back speakers (
last year i finally got a subwoofer (SVSound PC12-Plus) and then bought the M80's for the front L/R and sent the Energy's to the back for surround duty.

Oh yea, almost forgot: for a very long time i used RS Minimus-7W speakers for the surround channels.

today, i could rate them (from 1 to 10) as going from a 2 for my first speakers to an 8 for the Energy's and now a 9.755555555 (out of a possible perfect score of 10) for the M80's.

The M80's are the first speakers i own that virtually disappear from the sound stage, and the imaging is superb.

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