I got my repaired A1400-8 back from Axiom yesterday. It was nice to see it come back. Unfortunately, the loud humming it was exhibiting prior to failure of one of the channel pairs is still there. It's distractingly loud. Sometimes it lessens briefly, but it always increases again. I'm assuming it's an amp issue. Taking it out of the chain makes it disappear, and it persisted before when I switched from my pre-pro with balanced connections to an A/V receiver with unbalanced connections. It really is a loud hum. I'm going to be disconnecting the amp again, even though I'd really like to be using it. If any of you have any ideas, though, I'm all ears.

Because of the issues, it's getting harder to justify external amplification. I still want it, but the new Onkyo receiver has actually been doing a pretty good job. I'd still like extra power potential for my mains and center(s), but that's all. I may stick with receivers instead of pre-pros from now on. The receiver can power the remaining surround/wide/height speakers. I'm hoping Axiom lets me "upgrade" from this 8-channel amp to two of the 2-channel amps whenever they (hopefully) start offering amps again. I think that will be the way to go. If not Axiom, then maybe when the Outlaw monoblocks are on special sometime I'll pick up some of those, unless something shinier catches my eye.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent a little and possibly get some suggestions. Thanks for listening!