SFB! I was even gonna give you that song for your campaign. I have the rights. (Afterall, she WAS a nun, you know).

A hotel maid! You fmoron! Couldn't you have just made a side trip to the Dominican Repulic or Guatemala for the exact same thing? Oh don't be stupid. You could have just boosted the uniform from the hotel and brought it with you to Honduras, DH!

Do you know how many fyears I've had to pull strings to get this close to inserting a French president with 2 Germanic names?!?

Sixty years I've waited for another Vichy government joke and ya blew that, too, AW!

We've been through this before, Nicky. This may be that "one more time" I've warned you about.

You know there is only one reason that French is still spoken. It's because I allow it, Medamnit!
OK, I'm a softy for French titles on paintings, but that's it!

You'd better ffix this and ffast, ffaswipe!

I DO help those who help themselves. But not to 'tang! And Meso-American 'tang at that! You fpuddle jumpin' pig.

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Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.