That's both a short answer question and a long one.

For myself, i wouldn't go back and have bought something cheaper. We've had our Axiom system (and 2 other systems) for over 15 years. Although there are occasions in life where time for its use declines, at some point kids grow up, jobs change, people retire, and time returns to you again.
In the long run, that same system will still be there as those time available occasions arise.

Audio gear to us has also been more than just music and movie entertainment or appreciation, but it has also been a piece of decor in each of the rooms it sits.
In that light, it has two functions; to sound good AND look good.
So we enjoy it everyday in different ways.

From a finacial perspective, buying audio gear new creates a loss down the road. It won't appreciate with age so in that light, it won't "provide a return on the investment".

In brief, if you enjoy good audio even for a few occasions, the investment is worth it. I would regret not having any system at all for even that one occasion.

"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."