I am REALLY hestitant to post this. I am an old guy, and though my musical tastes cover a lot of ground, the music about which I am most passionate, probably would not be of much interest to the majority of the forum members who are considerably younger than I.

That being said, here is my latest obsession.


If you can't stand vocal harmony/choral work/barbershop please skip this video. You will be disappointed.

You MUST play this through a sound system with a good bass response (the vocal bass line must be heard). Your laptop speakers are not gonna cut it and you won't "get it."

If you CAN play it through a good sound system, turn it up. There is considerable dynamic variation thoughout the piece (soft then loud) and you don't want to miss the soft parts.

I hope just one of you can be moved by this as much as I am. If so, enduring the "yucks" and "blechs" of those who don't like will be well worth it.

It Only Takes A Moment

"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton