howdy, i am thinking of using the VP100v3 as a back surround center creating a 6.1 system; i'm curious if anyone is using this center in this manner and if they like it or not. i am looking at it because i like the look of it as a surround back center (or 1 speaker/channel for surround back) and i think it would work out nicely in that capacity.

i currently have 2 M2v3's in a 7.1 but want to move the M2v3's to a different location for 2 channel only music. I would really like to hear from anyone who has used any of the VP centers as a single surround back channel and also from anyone who uses any of the VP on-wall centers to chime in on how they sound.

i do so like the idea of having my VP180v3 center complimented by it's baby brother the VP100 as the surround back channel center.

time to sound off fellow Axiom owners.

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