Interior space is 13 feet wide by 22 feet deep. Ceiling will be about 7 feet 8 inches tall when done.

Would like 2 rows of seats (may end up with couches since I can get the same seating in less width).
Left side shows gray "stage", black bass traps, dashed line is possible screen location to get a cleaner look, but maybe not...

Toying with putting front speakers behind screen wall.

All interior walls/ceiling will be incorporating double drywall and green glue. Exterior is poured concrete from floor to ceiling with a 2x4 stud wall gapped about 2 inches in from the concrete wall. The other 2 walls will be staggered with 2x6 floor and ceiling plates and 2x4 studs staggered and 16 inches on center.

The space to the right of the theater is a family room. The space to the bottom of the image is a hallway except the extreme left 10 feet which will be a walkway and wet bar.

Going to go with 7.1 sound.

Storage for equipment
Storage for movies

I hate the idea of spending the bucks to do some sound proofing just to punch holes in the walls for equipment/movie storage.

Thoughts? Ideas? I would like to start framing the room this coming Saturday.

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