Beginning the hunt for a new TV. Purchase will likely be mid october, I'm currently leaning toward a panasonic plasma. Don't care for 3D, don't really care for network connectivity either as I have plenty of network options between PS3, xbox360, and denon 3808. I want the best picture and biggest screen possible.

I'm looking at the Panasonic Vierra TC-P60S30 60-Inch as a possibility. Amazon has it for a little more than $1300. I'd like a 65" TV but I don't think Panny's current models have a non-3D 65" TV.

The best deal I have seen on 65" is for the VIERA TC-P65ST30 65-Inch but it is about $2150 from amazon. I'd much rather buy a 65" TV that was a little cheaper with no 3D or network features...

Does anyone have any recommendations besides Panasonic plasmas? Any other input is appreciated.


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