i bought a receiver a few days ago so now i don't need this preamp anymore.

it is working very well (last time checkup at a tech was some 6 months ago) but the paint around the volume control is worn out.

the volume control has been modified with a thin stainless steel rod coming out of the knob in order to make very fine adjustments in loudness levels and makes it possible to return exactly to a former setting. with this device, i've made changes that translate to one thirtieth of a dB. (0.03 dB)in volume.
this rod is a push fit and can be taken out easily anytime.

in addition to the normal square ends, the front can be fitted with "ears" to fix the preamp in a pro rack.

i still have the original instructions manual which can also be easily found on the Internet.

Max. undistorted output: 16 V.
infinitesimal distortion.
6 high level inputs + tape loop; 20 amp on/off switch; External Processor Loop, etc...
There are 2 phono preamps which have been disconnected to make high level inputs; they can be put back in use just by soldering a couple of jumpers on the circuit board.

for pick up or money order, or COD (in Canada).

if interested, you can write to me at: Gellidius at gmail.com