Pioneer's exclusive Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC). I finally bought a Pioneer SC-27 AVR instead of the Marantz SR6500 i said on a previous post. Anyway this is a heavy unit and so far this is a pretty good match with my Axiom speaker.
The MCACC is maybe not the Auddysey from other brand. Some say Auddysey is a class of is own. But i read many good review from the pioneer MCACC one.
Took about 3mins and evething is set and ready to play.

I have a small room. 12x11x8. The speaker needed a 7.5-dB boost at 250 Hz and a 9-dB cut at 50 Hz to bring it in line with the Axiom speakers. But the only part i am not sure of is that it set my front and center to LARGE. I know nobody here will tell me to put any speaker set to large (Even the M80) But again, i wonder if i should thrust it. I have not made A-B test but still wonder if i should leave it.

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